Push 3D to the limit in designer 3D glasses

Noir 3D glasses by Oskav

The most fashionable range of passive 3D glasses from £24.99

Epic 3D glasses by Oskav

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav are perfect for passive 3D TV and 3D cinema. Our designer 3D glasses collection features six uber cool 3D wayfarer style designs and our new 3D gold aviators. Oskav passive 3D glasses are also available in a range of family packs.

Maverick 3D glasses by Oskav

Our designer collection of passive 3D glasses now includes our new gold aviator designer 3D glasses. These ultra-light passive 3D glasses are for passive 3D TV and 3D film fans who are looking for the most fashionable 3D glasses experience. 

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav frames are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Our hard passive 3D lenses use high definition circular polarised passive technology to give you an ultra sharp and vibrant 3D TV and 3D movie experience. 



The ultimate designer 3D glasses for passive 3D TV and 3D movies

Classic Oskav 3D glasses

Our designer 3D glasses are compatible with all passive 3D TVs including Panasonic Smart VIERA 3D TV, LG Cinema 3D TV, Philips Easy 3D TV, Toshiba 3D TV, Finlux 3D TV, and Sony passive 3D TV. For a list of compatible 3D TVs see our Passive 3D TV Guide.

Cult 3D glasses by Oskav

Oskav designer 3D glasses are compatible with all passive 3D systems in cinemas showing 3D films including RealD. They are the fashionable 3D glasses choice for watching 3D movies in style. Buy designer 3D glasses for the ultimate 3D experience.


Classic 3D glasses by Oskav

If you love 3D movies and are looking forward to seeing The LEGO Movie 3D and Prometheus 2 3D don't wait until you sit down in the cinema to realise that you are stuck with 3D glasses from hell. Save yourself! Buy Oskav passive 3D glasses.