The new face of 3D glasses - designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav

Cult 3D glasses by Oskav

A moment of passive 3D glasses inspiration

The designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav range is the result of a moment of inspiration follwed by 2 years of focused determination by the Oskav design team.

The quest for a better passive 3D glasses started when there was no Oskav design team: just a couple of 3D film fans forced to endure yet another embarrasing and expensive 3D film experience in geektastic 3D glasses.

It occured to us that a 3D film that cost millions to make was being completely undermined as an immersive experience by the poor quallity of the passive 3D glasses we'd been sold at the ticket office. You know the type: ultra thick toy-like frame with super flimsy lenses that look like something only fit for the bin on the way out of the cinema.

So we started looking around for a source of stylish passive 3D glasses. Designer passive 3D glasses that didn’t make you feel like a fashion outcast at a 3D film while also offering a viewing experience to match the best efforts of the movie-makers themslves.

After months of scouring the internet, buying sample after sample of horrible passive 3D glasses and talking to manufacturers and importers all over the world, we realised that we had a problem: designer passive 3D glasses, made to high standards at a sensible price just don't exist. So we could either stop going to 3D films until someone did someting about it or... we could do something about it ourselves.

High quality designer passive 3D glasses at high street prices

Even though one of the Oskav design team was related to the man who had introduced sunglasses to UK high streets back in the pre-internet world of the 80s, we soon discovered that the only way to get the designer passive 3D glasses we wanted was to organise the research, design, manufacture and marketing of our own range of designer passive 3D glasses in a completely new way.

In the old days, you would fly to Milan for the design, prototyping and testing of your dream design. Blow tons of money on a brand building TV, Press and Poster campaign. Sell all your stock into distributors at a huge discount and watch in horror as the price of the product balooned out of all recognition while your margins were squeezed dry. 

Cut to the digital age and the team realised that to create the perfect combination of classic style, sunglass-quality frames, high density circular polarised lenses and special protection wallet at an affordable price, we could do all the design in-house and then go direct to customers via the web to keep the cost down. Easy. Yeah dream on.

It took another 2 years of design, sourcing, prototyping and testing to meet out team's objective of high quality designer passive 3D glasses at a high street price. It was worth all the effort, because now the time to buy your own pair of designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav has arrived. Glasses that allow you to see every 3D movie like you have never seen it before – in style.

The new face of designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav

Two years of passive 3D glasses research and development was just the opening chapter in our team's obsessive, compulsive tendencies for developing designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav.

Our first three designs, Noir, Classic and Cult are now joined by our three latest styles, Epic, Drama and Thriller.  

We are also producing special couples and family packs to ensure all your 3D needs are met by Oskav.

And we will soon be introducing high quality designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav in new styles including: passive 3D aviators, passive 3D clip-ons and other unique passive 3d glasses currently in development.

Before long everyone will be able to go to se a 3D film, watch 3D TV or go to a 3D event and experience 3D like they’ve never seen it before – in a pair of stylish designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav.

We also make it possible for businesses such as 3D TV manufacturers such as LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Philips... and 3D TV showrooms such as Lakes and John Lewis to sources passive 3D glasses made to the same exacting standards as designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav. You can find out more on our trade enquiries section.

Cult passive 3D glasses by Oskav