Designer 3D glasses by Oskav exclusive Panasonic and John Lewis offer

Designer 3D glasses for Panasonic and John Lewis

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  • Designer 3D glasses by Oskav are proud to be design partners for the latest Panasonic Smart Viera 3D TV range Posted on 20 May 2013

    The design team at Oskav love testing our latest Designer 3D glasses on our 60" Panasonic 3D TV. Lately the job of watching blockbuster 3D TV movies in our ultra-sharp and built for comfort 3D glasses has got even better - thanks to Panasonic's new Smart Viera range of 3D TVs.

    As Panasonic claims, the impressive LED screen gets you right to the heart of the cinematic action in glorious 1080p HD and Panasonic’s brilliant contrast system makes for sharper blacks and more vibrant colours giving you a more intense visual experience.

    What our design team also like is that if you slip on a pair of our designer passive 3D glasses, you can also transform your 2D media into 3D at the press of a button. The Virtual Surround Plus feature combined with the Smart Viera's 3D visuals creates the ultimate home cinema and multimedia experience.

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  • Not registered Created on 08/09/2013 20:46

    and comes with four pairs of lightweight piassve polarized 3D theater glasses (TY-EP3D10), and frankly, the effect is amazing with none of the flicker of active glasses. I watched several Blu-ray 3D movies along with my cable company's 3D channels and 3D VOD. All I can say is  wow. It's not only very watchable, it's incredible. Movies are flat-out fun. Sports on ESPN 3D are amazing. Interestingly, the TV has a 2D-3D conversion function which is really quite good; although it lacks the deep depth of native 3D content, whatever magic it uses to turn 2D into 3D is remarkably effective. I had no idea piassve 3D TV could be this good.The TV has a good array of inputs: 4 HDMI 1.4 ports with ARC, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 set of component (Y/Pb/Pr) or composite video & analog stereo audio RCA connectors (via included proprietary adapter), 1 PC VGA connector, 1 coax RF port, 1 SDXC card slot, and 1 Fast Ethernet jack. WiFi is built-in, with no dongle required, and therefore does not take up a USB port. The TV's black stand and black/clear frame are attractive, making it look stylish in my living room. And the glossy black remote is very nice, with illuminated buttons.Internet TV is via Panasonic's smart TV system called VIERA Connect. It's simple, and has applications included for subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, MLB.TV and others. I stream videos from Amazon Prime and it works great with high quality HD. Another standout is the Skype app, which requires the optional TY-CC20W camera with inbound calls integrated into the watching experience. Audio and video Skype calls can be received or dismissed while watching something else, and the overall Skype experience is simple and straightforward with very high quality video calls. Outbound calls require going into VIERA Connect, and then launching Skype. Perhaps initiating an outbound call while watching other content could also be similarly better integrated in the future with fewer button presses?Sound is very good for a flat screen TV, and is certainly more than I was expecting. Don't expect miracles, the integrated speakers are small and on the bottom of the frame facing down, and compared with an external sound bar or home theater system they're missing bass and some midrange. But, for a panel TV, the sound is really very good.Quibbles, as overall it's still an outstanding TV:The digital audio out (TOSLINK optical) doesn't pass through everything, as surround sound (DD/DTS) does not get passed from HDMI connections (silence or static instead) and audio from Skype is not passed at all (probably for echo-cancellation reasons). In both cases the TV speakers still work [url=]fxixyfydc[/url] [link=]ldzfaug[/link]
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