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Designer 3D glasses for Panasonic and John Lewis

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  • The secret of choosing the right passive 3D TV Posted on 29 April 2012

    Buying a 3D TV is more complicated than just finding the right brand at the right price. You also have to ensure that you get the right kind of 3D TV for your needs. The question is, should you buy a passive 3D TV or active 3D TV? If you don't know the difference it's not surprising: manufacturers don't always highlight the type of 3D TV they are selling in their promotional material and shop staff can be less informed about the differences than might be helpful. Shop sales people often seem better informed about the active 3D TV options on sale because they are said to offer a better viewing experience while also being considerably more expensive. What a surprise! The fact is, for most home entertainment situations passive 3D TV will blow your mind without blowing your budget. Moreover, passive 3D glasses are far less expensive than their active counterparts, they aren't exclusively dedicated to a single manufacturer and they don't need to be recharged or require replacement batteries. What they do is provide you with a stylish immersive 3D experience both at home and in the cinema - something active 3D glasses could never do. So if you are thinking about buying your dream 3D TV and don't have access to unlimited funds, you'll be delighted to know that the Oskav 3D Guru team here at 3D glasses by Oskav, have put together the nearest thing there is to a definitive list of passive 3D TVs, including links to: LG Cinema 3D, Cello 3D, Toshiba 3D, Philips Easy 3D, Bush 3D, Finlux 3D, Vizio 3D and Manta 3D. All of which work beautifully with the range of designer 3D glasses from Oskav. The Oskav 3D Guru team will soon have details of the latest Panasonic and Sony passive 3D TVs that are currently in development and news of the latest designer 3D glasses from Oskav.

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