Designer 3D glasses by Oskav exclusive Panasonic and John Lewis offer

Designer 3D glasses for Panasonic and John Lewis

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  • Queen's Speech in 3D for the first time in history Posted on 18 December 2012

    Sky and the Royal family started planning for using 3D for the Queen's annual address to the nation back in January 2011. Although Sky actually film the speech, it will also be broadcast on the BBC and ITV for the enjoyment of 3D viewers and Royal supporters the world over.

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  • Not registered Created on 09/08/2015 23:51

    This is a really int
    This is a really interadestading post to me. I’m not a venaddor, but I am a wedadding blogadger and as a past bride when I first saetrtd readading wedadding blogs durading my planadning process, I NEVER clicked on an adveradtiseadment. I read the posts, looked a picadtures, and was influadenced that way. So I totally agree with you that venaddors HAVE to be in the posts/social media to be noticed. My eye seems almost trained now to comadpletely ignore what is in the side coladumn. Now, whether this is a result of no longer being in the wedadding ‘planadning mode’ or not, I don’t know, but I do know that as a blogadger I am conadstantly on the lookadout for new and excitading things and yet — I still never peep over at the litadtle advert squares in the side bar. In fact, as a bride I found it frusadtratading to have to squint at the picadtures in blog posts because they were too small (or maybe my eyes are ‘tooa0old’?)  Now, as a blogadger I strugadgle with the issue of adveradtisading. I use a page to host sponadsors, and keep all adveradtiseadments off the main pages. I someadtimes wonadder if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I could sell on my main page — but would that spoil the look of the page? Would it actuadally increase hits to my sponadsors? Or would viewaderadship drop off because now my readaders are squintading and jamadming their faces up against their screen to see the details in an inspiadraadtion board as much as I useda0to?  I really don’t have an answer to this — so I’m really lookading foradward to readading this series of blog posts you have planned! Thanks for sharading! xx Sara {Burnett’s Boards}b4s last [type] ..

    Not registered Created on 17/08/2015 16:54

    It is interesting to
    It is interesting to see the efcfet that local rebates have on the inquiries about solar energy. Very cool resource, thank you Cooler Planet. is trying to do our part to bring stainable technologies to our local community of Rock Hill, South Carolina.
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