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  • Sir David Attenborough believes in 3D Posted on 18 December 2012

    During the launch show for his celebrated Galapagos 3D series, Sir David Attenborough hailed the unique qualities of 3D, "3D is the last element in conveying the information about the reality that is in front of the camera." In particular, Sir David believes that 3D works best when you get up close and personal, "Looking at things that are close to you, you suddenly see things in 3D that you don't see in 2D." 

    Galapagos 3D will air in the UK on Sky 3D on New Year's Day and will be followed later in the year by Micromonsters 3D, a series about insects which will also be hosted by Sir David.  

    Micromonsters 3D is a project created by trans-atlantic production house Colossus Productions - a joint venture between Sky and Atlantic Productions - which was specially created to deliver high quality 3D content for 3D TV audiences.

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