Exploding into 3D Gadget Show action with designer 3D glasses by Oskav

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav at Gadget Show Live

Blowing minds with a 60" Panasonic 3D TV and Oskav Designer 3D glasses

For the first time, the Gadget Show Live came to Excel in London with three glorious days of hard core pre-Christmas Gadget hunting for the UK's electronics aficionados. Armed with a stunning Panasonic 60" Smart VIERA LED TV and our full range of designer 3D glasses by Oskav, we set about turning even the most ardent active 3D fan into a passive 3D TV convert and turning everyone else on to the idea of buying a 3D TV.

Among the 30,000 bustling visitors that passed through the Gadget Show Live Show and stopped by our stand for a look at cutting-edge passive 3D in action, Gadget Show Presenter, Jason Bradbury, took time to put on pair of Cult 3D glasses by Oskav and was blown away by the experience (see below).

 Jason Bradbury in Designer 3D glasses by Oskav

Another celebrity visitor to the Oskav stand was the one and only comic genius Al Murray, who loved our designer 3D glasses but unfortunately has an active system at home. Not having a 3D TV that works with designer 3D glasses by Oskav is no laughing matter for Britain's No 1 comedy pub landlord. Obviously it's not much fun sharing four pairs of active 3D glasses while trying to watch Sky 3D football in his pub - when you can have unlimited numbers of football fans wearing designer passive 3D glasses by Oskav.

We had countless active 3D glasses owners visitor to the Oskav passive 3D glasses stand who, as it turns out, loved our glasses but are stuck with old active sets. So while the debate between active and passive continues with most manufacturers moving towards passive as 3D continues to grow, we will have to see what we can do to raise standards of design in 3D active glasses as well as 3D passive glasses. 

Our Gold passive aviators proved to be an incredible hit at Gadget Show Live. The high quality of the frames combined with the extraordinary clarity of Oskav 3D lenses, literally blew people away. Seeing Oskav 3D glasses working in combination with our Panasonic 60" 3D TV is a game-changing experience for most people. For those who already have a 3D TV, passive or active, they through the definition and depth of picture made 3D more attractive and pleasant to watch than ever before.  Even die hard active fans were won over by the experience. Perhaps, more significant was the fact that many people who were thinking about buying a new TV, were now going to buy a 3D TV because designer 3D glasses by Oskav were available to make the whole experience more enjoyable and stylish.

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav were also continuing to prove popular with staff and demonstrators on the LG stand. Ask anyone from LG who makes the best 3D glasses on the market and they will all tell you, Oskav. We had a constant stream of visitors sent to us from the LG stand on all 3 days of the Gadget Show Live. The same was true of the Finlux 3D TV team who also redirected traffic to our stand. 

Perhaps, most exciting of all was the positive response we had from thousands of 3D TV and film fans who headed home with Designer 3D glasses by Oskav or one of our leaflets thinking 3D is the now a real purchasing option for the whole family. 

All in all, an incredibly successful Gadget Show that has helped lay the foundation for Oskav as The designer 3D glasses brand.

Oskav launches Maverick Gold 3D Aviator glasses at Gadget Show Live

At the Excel London sister show to the hugely successful Birmingham Gadget Show Live, we launched the latest extension to our designer 3D range titled, Maverick, the ultimate passive 3D Aviator finished in burnished gold. 

Over the 3 days, the ultra light aviator style frames proved highly popular with 3D film and 3D TV fans. We set out to prove the difference a pair of Oskav 3D glasses can make to the whole 3D TV experience for as many people as possible.

While our designs set the aesthetic standard for 3D glasses, it is not until you try them on that you can appreciate how different they are form any other 3D glasses on the market. Our high quality frames are built to last in the same way that top of the range sunglasses. Our 10 layer 3D lenses are made to offer superb 3D experiences at home and in the cinema for many years to come. Gone are the days of hiring poor quality 3D glasses every time you see a 3D movie or putting up with a less than amazing 3D experience at home.

Many visitors to the stand also appreciated the way Aviator 3D glasses by Oskav were so light and comfortable that you soon forgot you were wearing any glasses at all. With the help of a mirror or two, visitors were also assured that you can now watch 3D without being embarassed by the experience, thanks to designer 3D glasses by Oskav.

Maverick 3D glasses by Oskav

Introducing Maverick 3D glasses by Oskav

Maverick 3D glasses by Oskav are the first Aviator 3D glasses in our range. Finished in polished gold, they are made to provide an ultra-light 3D experience. Specially designed for people unused to wearing glasses, they are so light that you will hardly notice you are wearing 3D glasses at all. We will also be introducing other aviator style 3D glasses by Oskav, if you want to be kept up to date about developments in our range, please subscribe to our newsletter.