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Getting active in the passive 3D World

We believe that our designer 3D glasses by Oskav are the best thing to happen to the 3D world since the launch of James Cameron's epic movie Avatar but we never forget that your feedback provides the best source of new product and service ideas.

You can email us with suggestions and comments, jump in on twitter, post something on facebook or see our designer 3D glasses worn by Elizabeth Benbow on youtube.

If you simply want to immerse yourself in the 3D world, you can take a look at any of the pages we have put together on the subject of 3D technology, 3D TV, 3D glasses, 3D movies, 3D cinema, 3D films, passive 3D, Sky 3D and every kind of quality blog on 3D news. To ensure you keep up with the latest the 3D World has to offer, why not bookmark this page now?

The designer 3D glasses by Oskav YouTube Channel

We hope that looking at photographs of models wearing designer 3D glasses by Oskav is enough to help you imagine yourself wearing our stylish designs as you go to see a 3D film or watch a 3D TV show at home. Our YouTube Channel is there to help you see that our passive 3D glasses are every bit as sophisticated and stylish as high quality sunglasses. The Oskav YouTube Channel also has a wide range of 3D information videos and official 3D film trailers. You can see see some of our showroom films here on the Oskav 3D glasses Videos section.

3D Guru - the missing 3D link

3D Guru has a wide range of articles we have put together on 3D and RSS feeds from some of the finest 3D bloggers in the world. 3D Guru is a pool of useful information on 3D that we hope keeps you coming back for more to check out what's going on with Designer 3D glasses by Oskav and 3D in general. The bottom line in 3D Guru is that we only link to website and bloggers that are as crazy about 3D technology and 3D glasses as we are here at Oskav.

Oskav News - where passive 3D makes the headlines

We're so busy adding new passive 3D glasses to our range and updating our service that sometimes even we have trouble keeping up. That's why we have begun to build an Oskav News archive of 3D articles and features about Oskav and other 3D items of interest to everyone in the growing world of 3D TV, 3D movies and 3D technology.

As things get ever busier here at designer 3D glasses by Oskav, we hope to find even more exciting news items to add about the growing Oskav brand. We will also be adding links to Oskav News items at they appear on other sites such as Yahoo News and YouTube. 

The ultimate Passive 3D TV Guide

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav are designed to work with passive 3D TV's  from all the major passive 3D TV manufacturers such as: LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips, Finlux, Cello, Manta, Vizio and Bush. That's why we have researched the model information on a wide range of 3D TV manufacturers to bring you the Oskav 3D TV guide.

If you are looking for your first 3D TV, you can check the Passive 3D TV guide to see which models are right for designer 3D glasses by Oskav. If you already have a passive 3D TV, you can see if it is compatible with our designer 3D glasses range in seconds.

Our Passive 3D TV guide could save you hours, if not days, scouring the internet and asking showroom staff for a definitive answer to the question of whether a specific TV model uses passive technology or not.

3D Movies

Over thirty 3D movies are scheduled for release in 2012. Designer 3D glasses by Oskav will help you enjoy each and everyone of them in style. We have put together key details of the latest 3D films in our 3D Movies section, with links to the official trailers and other related sites.

Oskav Blog

3D Forum

The world of 3D technology is expanding so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up. The 3D forum is where we enjoy raising and discussing points of interest in 3D TV, 3D Cinema, 3D movies, 3D films, 3D Events and 3D glasses. The 3D forum is open to anyone who wants to ask questions about 3D or who has the answers or suggestions that the world of 3D seeks.

3D Events

Long before the launch of the first dedicated 3D TV channel in the UK, Sky 3D, film directors, rock bands, opera performers and ballet companies were experimenting with cutting-edge 3D productions. You can read details on many of these extraordinary groundbreaking concerts and performances and get a glimpse of things to come on our 3D events page.

Oskav Social

More and more people are talking about passive 3D glasses and passive 3D TV than ever before. To help us keep up with the flow of 3D conversations we have a number of social channels such as: Oskav Twitter, Oskav Facebook and Oskav Pinterest. The Oskav Social page however, is where we focus on the Twitter social loop between the Oskav Twitter Feed and Twitter feeds from companies such as LG who are, also like us, in the forefront of passive 3D TV development.

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