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Frequently asked questions on security

As online shoppers ourselves, we know that security is a major concern for any online transaction. Everyone at Oskav 3D glasses knows that trust is a fundamental aspect of shopping online. We believe that trust comes from providing excellent customer service as well as an outstanding product experience. The way we look after your personal information is a critical part of a truly satisfactory customer experience.  That’s why we have thought long and hard about how we handle every aspect of your Oskav 3D glasses transaction. To begin with we have made sure that you have answers to the fundamental questions that anyone who shops online needs to know.

Why do you want my email address/telephone number etc?

We ask for these details so we can contact you in case there's a problem with your order. We also send you special Oskav 3D passive glasses offers and information via email. We do not make your details available to other companies ever.

How do you keep my information safe?

All Oskav 3D glasses online purchases take place in a safe environment using WorldPay. WorldPay use state of the art security tools and techniques to ensure that you are protected against online fraud. According to Worldpay, an online purchase is probably more secure than a card transaction conducted in a shop or over the telephone - because WorldPay ensure that your online purchase details are encrypted using complex logarithm methods. For more information about WorldPay online security visit the WorldPay website at If you are still not convinced about the safety of shopping online, please call us on 07772 484 404 and place your order over the phone. We are open Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

As well as personal data, what other information do you keep?

To help us give you the best service, we also keep records of your purchases with us. This lets us send you only the most relevant offers. It also means we can quickly deal with any problems you may experience with your order.

How do you use my personal data?

All the information we collect via our website or through correspondence with you is used to operate and improve the service we offer you. We are committed to using your personal information only for:

Dealing with orders and accounts for the supply of our goods and services

Planning and managing Oskav 3D glasses business activities, including analysing customers' shopping habits and preferences


Providing you with information about the products we offer

Assessing your request for delivery of goods and services from us where we may make enquiries about you including searching your records held by organisations like Equifax and credit reference agencies. At all times where we use or disclose your information it will remain secure.

Will you ever pass my email details on to third parties?

We will never pass on your details to a third party for marketing purposes. Our merchant partners, Worldpay, would also never pass on credit card details to anyone.

There are only three circumstances where we may share some of your data with others:

1.     With agents (including credit reference agencies, credit card clearing agencies - Worldpay and Paypal - fraud prevention and detection agencies) that we use to process the orders you place with us or who assist us in the service we provide to you. In these instances, we provide them with only the information they need to perform their function

2.     In the unlikely event that our business assets are ever sold to or purchased by another company. (Our data records are part of our business).

3.     To outside research companies whom we may ask to contact you directly for your opinions on our products and services (in which case we provide them with only the information they need to perform their function).

Why do we use Cookies?

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav uses cookies on this website to better understand you and the way you use our website to help us improve the shopping experience.

Cookies are stored locally on your computer or mobile device. They are very small text files that some websites store on your computer when you visit them.

We use cookies on our website to make your shopping experience better in the following ways:

  • To remember how far you are in a form
  • Keep your shopping basket up to date
  • Allow you to access secure shopping areas
  • Remember preferences you set
  • Allow you to share on social pages

These are the only uses of cookies on our website – there are no exceptions.

If you still wish to prevent cookies being stored on your computer, locate and change the preference settings in your browser to block or remove them. For more information on cookies visit To simply accept cookies continue shopping as normal.

How does data travel over the Internet?

The Internet is a global network - therefore there are cases where your data travels internationally, which may include places outside the European Union. We want you to know that if you visit or shop with Oskav 3D glasses, you're agreeing and authorising us to process data in this way.

Where should I send my data protection queries?

If you have questions about your personal data or our privacy policy, please email us at

To see all the information we have about you, and to correct any inaccuracies, please write to: The Data Protection Officer, Oskav, PO BOX 4500 Maidenhead SL60 1GA

How do I opt out of receiving information from you?

Here's the email addresses to write to if you don't want to receive information from us: You are perfectly entitled to unsubscribe at any time. If you decide to opt out, please be aware that we will not be able to send you any of our offers.

What can I do to increase security?

Internet shopping is becoming more and more popular and the overwhelming majority of transactions are quick, easy and trouble-free. We do everything we can to ensure your shopping experience is as safe and secure as possible.

However, there are a number of additional precautions you can take to increase security:

We recommend you always close down your Internet browser when you have finished shopping online, especially if you use a shared PC. This will delete temporary Internet cookies from any sites you may have visited

Never reveal your password to others

Keep your password as unique as possible and try not to choose obvious passwords, such as your name, partner's name, or other personal information which could be easily obtained by a third party

Avoid using the same password for numerous Internet sites.

Please note, Oskav 3D glasses will NEVER ask for personal details via email. If you do receive an email requesting this information, please contact us immediately.


Cult passive 3D glasses by Oskav

Cult passive 3D glasses by Oskav