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Classic 3D glasses by Oskav

Cult passive 3D glasses by Oskav

The 3D glasses business opportunity

Designer 3D glasses by Oskav are rapidly gaining recognition for delivering high quality fashion 3D glasses at high street prices. Oskav passive 3D glasses are a designer alternative to standard 3D glasses for 3D films and passive 3D TV.

For the first time, thanks to Oskav, fashion conscious film fans can now watch their favourite 3D movies in style and passive 3D TV owners can enjoy an immersive high definition 3D experience without looking like a fashion reject from a sci-fi movie.

All Oskav 3D glasses are compatible with passive 3D TVs made by: LG, Toshiba, Philips, Cello, Bush, Finlux, Vizio, Manta and Panasonic. The current Oskav passive 3D glasses range includes six wayfarer styles and we will soon be introducing Oskav 3D aviators and Oskav 3D clip-ons.

Our fast wholesale service

If you are a TV manufacturer, high street retailer, fashion or lifestyle brand, advertising or sales promotion agency, broadcasting network, cinema group or special events organiser, Oskav can supply passive 3D glasses from our current designer collection at wholesale prices (depending on quantity).

We are experienced at supplying, exporting and shipping 3D glasses to you anywhere in the world. Whatever your wholesale enquiry, please feel free to give us a call now on 01628 635757 or 07772 484404.

Our complete design, manufacture and supply service

Through our one-stop 3D glasses design and supply service, we can produce designer passive 3D glasses in any colour and in a range of styles for adults and children. We can design and deliver 3D glasses under the Oskav brand label or under your own white-label/brand name.

We can manage the whole process from start to finish, including: concept design, specification build, prototype production, manufacture, testing and safety certification, fast customs clearance and fully trackable delivery services.

Our experience enables us to provide advice on the use of different materials in the frame manufacturing process as well as the precise specification for the production of high quality passive 3D lenses.

To discuss your design requirements, please call Jane or Mike on 01628 635757 or 07772 484404, email sales@oskav.com or complete and return the form below.

Cult passive 3D glasses by Oskav

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