It's not just passive 3D glasses by Oskav that gets our 3D Guru excited

Classic 3D glasses by Oskav

Sky 3D ready for F1 grand prix practice lap

Following the launch of Sky's dedicated Formula One channel SD and HD, the F1 team at the Sky Sports complex are now considering moving into the world of 3D motorsport.

They are currently looking for Grand Prix 3D Event events that will help establish Sky as the market leaders in F1. Sky think that 3D will play a key role in the future of Formula One racing.

You can read why the political issues are more difficult than the technical issues in this interesting article on the Pocket-Lint website, which has attracted some very positive comments from motorsport fans.

Sky 3D gets fit for sport

Sky Sports events such as football, rugby, boxing and darts are regularly broadcast in spectactular 3D. Thanks to Sky 3D you can watch these events at home or in a wide range of live venues across the UK. To add to the excitement, London's 2012 Games will be the first Olympics to be broadcast live in 3D. To see it all in style, visit our 3D glasses by Oskav shop now.

3D glasses by Oskav at the movies

The designer 3D glasses by Oskav offer a unique fusion of high street fashion and high definition cinema experience. If you want to experience 3D movies, such as Men in Black 3 or Prometheus in style, now is the time to buy your very own passive 3D glasses by Oskav.

3D TV gets bigger by the minute

According to global technology giants such as LG, Toshiba and Philips 3D LCD TVs, 3D laptops and 3D projectors using passive polarised technology (not requiring expensive active shutter glasses) are the next big thing in home entertainment. According to us, 3D glasses by Oskav are the most stylish way of enjoying the next big thing in 3D entertainment. 

Sky has big plans for 3D

Pocket-Lint, the UK's largest independent gadget news and reviews site in says Sky is so excited about 3D that it has formed its own 3D production company, Colossus Productions. You can read more about it in Pocket-Lint's article.

Looking good at

3D vision-blog is one of the world's most influential and popular blogs for all things 3D. They provide expert reviews and comment on every kind of 3D device - here's what they had to say about 3D glasses by Oskav.

Film Dates supply a complete list of all UK cinema release dates. This will take you straight through to the 3D movies section. Now you can see why having your own pair of designer quality 3D glasses by Oskav is such a no brainer. 

3D Movie List

The Illustrated 3D Movie List includes a vast list of major and minor 3D movies that have been screened since the 1950s. You can scroll down the page to see thumbnails, posters or and images from dozens of movies, some of which will look even better in a pair of 3D glasses by Oskav. 

Sky's 3D pub finder

Sky's 3D Pub Finder makes it easy to find your nearest Sky 3D venue where having your own pair of passive 3D glasses by Oskav will come in handy. It tells you where to go to find the latest sporting action from the Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League and Euro 2012 qualifiers, as well as Aviva Premiership and Heineken Cup rugby.

LG and the passive 3D TV race

The best thing about 3D TV is that it provides the kind of immersive experience that makes you feel closer to the action. LG's passive 3D TVs incorporate a polarised film on the 3D television screen that separates the left and right images which, when viewed through passive polarised glasses, allows the brain to create the perfect 3D impression. We love LG's 3D TVs for the quality of the image and for the fact designer 3D glasses by Oskav add that something special to the experience - style. 

3D TV on the rise

According to a recent worldwide survey, sales of 3D TV's have increased by over 12% this year. What’s more, passive 3D TVs are now the fastest growing platform. To help make sorting the passive from active options on show, we have created a list of the most dynamic passive 3D TV manufacturers that are suitable for designer 3D glasses by Oskav. There are now no fewer than 8 major manufacturers making passive 3D TV systems ranging in size from 32" to 60". 

The 3D TV guide is a review and price comparison site covering the latest, best-selling 3D TVs in the UK market. It also has links to retail sites with special offers. When you have found the passive 3D TV of your dreams, come back and buy the designer 3D glasses by Oskav that will help you get the best out of the 3D TV experience.