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Thriller 3D glasses by Oskav

Thriller 3D glasses by Oskav and Sky 3D

Sky 3D sports at your local

Sky are the world leaders in broadcasting live 3D sporting events. They are also national champions of live 3D feeds into into pubs all over the UK and Ireland. To find out where you can watch your favourite football or rugby team showing live in 3D simply visit Sky's 3D Pub Finder type in your postcode and before you can say "Mine's a pint" you'll know where to go.

Before you go, however, get a pair of your very own Thriller 3D glasses by Oskav to ensure you get the very best out of the 3D experience. Thriller 3D glasses by Oskav are designed to look the part at any sporting occasion and our lenses are desgined to provide a match winning high definition 3D experience.

Sky gets ready for F1 in 3D

Hot on the heels of Sky's dedicated Formula One channel SD and HD, the F1 team behind the wheel at the Sky Sports complex are now considering moving into the world of 3D motorsport.

Sky are currently looking for Grand Prix 3D Event events that will help establish them as the market leaders. After several warm up sessions, Sky are confident that 3D will play a key role in the future of Formula One racing. We think so too. We also think that Thriller 3D glasses by Oskav will make the front row of the starting grid for every grand Prix fan with a 3D ready TV.